A digital Warrior

Tcat – 05 May 13
A Changing World for the Road Warrior
All this hi-tech stuff is suppose to make things easier. And it does, til it doesn’t.
GPS is a great pet peeve of mine. In Atlanta the GPS I now refer to as the Blonde Bitch is at it again. While I don’t like stereotype blonde jokes, I know for a fact that not all blondes are dumb, and not all dumb is human. The robo-voice (female) it telling me to Exit in one mile. The Fed must have spent 20 grand on a sign spanning 4 lanes telling me to stay on my path.
I have also noticed the more I pay for a motel, the more likely they are going to charge me for Wi-Fi access in my room. And the nicer the place the more they are going to charge.
I feel like Howard Beel of the movie, Network. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.
As T-Mobile has released a plan freeing me from paying extra for data, they can all take the extra charges and put it where the sun don’t shine.
It’s not that I am anti ala-carte. I see it in the EU countries and they don’t get crazy about it. I get mad when I pay for full-service, pay and pay again with $5 for water and $25 for Wi-Fi.
My new plan is to try T-Mobile. They do cap the amount of 3G I get before dropping to an un capped 2G. OK, that is fair.  And to keep my 3G handy, with each city I visit I’m previewing with http://www.localblox.com
My game is to ‘scout the target’ for the places I would most likely want to eat at and generally get a lay of the land. This saves the hit on the 3G limit from T-Mobile and converts hit or miss meals to a string of hits as I’m getting local reviews I find more accurate than Yelp!
I love tech. I teach it for a living. And I don’t want to be gouged for it or having it bit me in the butt.